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9 years ago

Does NetBackup support AS400,Teradata and Tandam

HI All,


Does the Netbackup version suppports the following platfroms to take backup. Please advise.

AS400,Teradata  and Tandam




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  • AS/400 : no

    Terradata : yes - indirectly see:

    Tandem: no 

    In the link below, you can see all Netbackup supported OS'es

  • ok. Thanks Nicolai.


    What are the best solutions to backup AS400, Teradata and Tandem. Please advise.





    Since no client available you cannot


    For AS/400

  • What you can do is you could have a second server mount the disk drives and then back it up on the second server.

  • You can use the servers' built-in backup utilities to create backup on nfs mount on a supported NBU client. You then backup the filesystem on the NBU client. Your other option is to check with the relevant hardware vendor for their recommendations on how to backup their servers.
  • You are better off asking the vendors of those operating systems how to correctly backup their systems insted of forcing them into Netbackup.

    If you have some sort of VTL - or dedupe storage supporting VTL functions, you may hook them all up and use built-in tools.