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15 years ago

DR solution for NetBackup

All I was wondering if anyone has some best practices for a DR solution for NetBackup as an application. Currently we are trying to put together a DR solution that will allow us to bring online or switch over to another console and media server should something happen to the current ones we have in production.

Is there a way to have another console and media server online in a DR location that is receiving up to date information from current production environment so if we do have to restore we already have everything in place to start the process as quickly as possible.


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    I use this method.

    I have a working NB enviroment at my DR site.

    every day my db/images dir gets replicated to my NB master at my dr site.

    I can then do restores from my dr site - ONCE I GET THE TAPES THERE, without having to import them.

    I do  NOT have to setup to allow me to do restores from that server using the robot at my production site.
    I would have to get that robot setup on my DR master.
    I also does not allow me to restore to my prod servers from the DR master.  I would have to put my DR media server in the list of all cleints, as well as the master name in other servers for all clients.

    Read it and see how you can apply it to your needs.  As everybody has different needs.