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12 years ago

Drive filling up, thinking NBU_VSP_Cache is to blame

Ok, we have a shared drive on our Netbackup Master server that is mysteriously filling up despite a very small amount of data being visible.  I found this article.
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    12 years ago

    OK this is out of NBU scope but I know what is causing this, I had the same issue couple of times on my servers.

    As you said you already checked show hidden files, do uncheck the option hide protected operating file system and hide extension of known file types in tools -folder options.

    If you see system volume information or recycler make sure you have rights on those folder, if you don't have rights it will just show 0 bytes. Either logon as local system administrator or open these folder and in the security tab give yourself full rights. Once done check the space again.

    Most probably it will be your System Volume information folder causing this. If this is not the one make sure you have rights on the other folders and check the space once you have full rights on those.

    Best way is to logon as local administrator.