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10 years ago


I am curious as to what exactly this data is. I am sure it is posted somewhere, but for some reason i was having trouble tracking it down. I am wondering if someone could explain what all this stuff is that is in this directory and if the data should be periodically cleared out. I am seeing this directory on my VMware Bakcup Host and on one of them it has grown to 7GB in size. Not huge by any means, but if its data that Netbackup should be cleaning up and isnt then I would like to manually clean this up perodically like I have started doing on the BPFSMAP_TMPDIR.

In regards to manual cleanup...if there is anything else that NB doesnt cleanup itself that I should be looking out for please let me know.

  • Right, apologies for the delay.  I wanted to heck with my colleague who was out for a few days last week.

    Previous versions of NBU had some issues cleaning up files in this dir.  However, going forward, things should be more stable.

    The old files should be fine to delete dating back to 2010 - the problem can arise if you delete recent files relating to incremental backups before the next full runs.

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