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2 years ago

Duplication: nbstlutil report numbers


I would like to ask you or better clarify command "nbstlutil report". What exactly is considered in the number of copies? Only "images to be duplicated" or  "images to be duplicated together with images that are already duplicated and waiting e.g. for expiration"?

From nbstlutil report -lifecycle xxxx I got following:
Backlog of incomplete SLP Copies
In Process (Storage Lifecycle State: 2):
Number of copies: 4028
Total expected size 22996802 MB

SLP Name: (state)
Number of copies: 4028 
Size: 22996802  MB

Becasue when I want to cancel whole processing via "nbstlutil cancel -lifecycle xxxx" I got only 1876 images instead of total 4028 images, that's why I'm wondering what's included in the "total number".

Thank you for any clarification.


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      Nicolai So far what I've checked, there is only one SLP version and that's version 2 (checked 0, 1, 3 = nothing there) with that total number 1876 to be cancelled but it does not match with the total number from the report (4028), I also used the version parameter with that command.

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        How many secondary operations you have in this SLP ?

        Primary operation being Backup... how many duplication/replication jobs you have added to the SLP ?