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Dear Sir or Madam,

I am really glad to find  VOX forum with hundred reasonable solutions that have been answered. I have a problem with DataDomain and DiskPool in Netbackup V8.

I have connected DD6800 to Netbackup  8 and Netbackup can see it clearly. I configured a Storage Unit with Quota that I need ( 8TB Soft Limit and 10TB hard limit) and I added it to Netbackup with Configure Disk Pool wizard, however in this wizard the RAW space of STU is shown 5TB !!!!! so I decided to create a big STU between 8TB Soft limit and 20TB hard limit and tried to add it again, but RAW space that I saw in Disk Pool wizard was 10TB!!!!!. Could you please tell me why Netbackup sees this space less than that it exists???

I have attached two picture. One for Sorage Unit that I have created in Data Domain and the other one is about NetBackup Disk Pool Wizard.

Thanks about your consideration.

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  • G'day mate,

    You can disregard the report from NBU. There is a long article on " Storage Unit Quota Display on
    NetBackup and Backup Exec
    " that explains why this is skewed but it's the way it is.

    The capacity reported depends on NBU and BUE version, plug-in version and even dedupe rate achieved. NBU does not have a concept of quota on OST hence it's difficult to squeeze in multiple numbers that DD operates with into one number - pool size.

    Also have a read Data Domain Boost for OpenStorage Administration Guide, it also refers to inaccurate reporting by NBU and BUE when quotas are enabled


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      Thanks for your kind reply

      So is it better to omit the quota in Data Domain?

      In another hand, I have two Mtree in Data Domain ( Two separate Storage Unit ) and I am really confused about Capacity Management in Data Domain if I disable it!!.

      Do you have any idea about it? Is it useful to use DD with Netbackup?

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        I am not sure if you need quotas in DD or you don't. Usually if you introduce quotas in DD, you have either a multi-tenant configuration or a specific use case, like chargebacks

        You need to work out a solution based on requirements - the very first question to ask would be why you need to do capacity management in Data Domain, what drives this requirement?

        Addressing the last question, while it's easy to say yes, technology should be designed around requirements and if you have requirement for a deduplication appliance then Data Domain is a great fit.