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EMM Database

When I am running tape list command for media ID OFM219 its showing the following error as attached "requested media ID is not assigned to this host in the emm database".  As per this error the image must have got expired on that media that's why I am not able to display the info.

However when I am running the command "nbemmcmd -listmedia -mediaID OFM219", I am able to disaplay all the information if the said media.

If this media information is being fetched from the EMM database that is residing on the master server then why I am not able to view the information on Tape lists and is able to view in command line.

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  • Hi See if below link helps Thanks
  • You forgot to add the attachment.

    There are two media-related tables/databases in the emm database:

    Volume database:
    This database contains hardware-related information of every single tape known to the master server.
    Information in this database consist of info such as volume pool, location, number of mounts, hardware expiration, etc. It also contains an Assigned field. This entry is written when a tape is 'assigned' to a media server for backup. As long as there are valid images on the tape, media will remain 'Assigned'. Status is removed when all images have expired.
    To view information in this database, use vmquery command.
    (/usr/openv/volmgr/bin/vmquery -m OFM219)

    Media database:
    This database contains information about Assigned tapes.
    It knows which media server the tape is assigned to, the amount of images, retention level, image expiration date, status.
    When all images have expired, media is deassigned and removed from this database.
    If media is Frozen, it will not get deassigned and stays in this database.

    To view information in this database, tape list report or bpmedialist command is used:
    /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/bpmedialist -m 

    nbemmcmd -listmedia  .... command combines information in these two databases.

    Hope this helps.

  • @Marianne: Thanks for this wonderful explanation. So, as per my understanding I was not able to view the tape list report of OFM219 because there were no vaild images on that media and the tape list report fetches the information from the media database, it would have only shown the report if there was any valid images on that media. Right?

    What if the media has been assigned to the media server but no data is written to it. Will it be showing in the tape lists report then?

    I am also curious to know the paths where the two databases are located. Is it install_path\veritas\netbackupdb\data ?

    I have added the attachment now for reference. 





  • The key here is the "Time Assigned" - as Marianne pointed out:

    "media database is all about assigned tapes"

    When you see error such as "requested media ID is not assigned to this host in the emm database", it does not mean the media is not in EMM database, but rather, it's "not assigned". Some commands on media tape changes could not be executed if the tape is not assigned, from Netbackup perspective, it is a tape with no image inside.

    Side note: Everytime a media is added/created in EMM database, it will be there forever until you manually "delete" it.

  • In summary 

    If a tape appears in the media secrion of the GUI, or with the vmquery copmmand = It is in the volume DB

    If a tape contains valid, unexpired, images = It is in the media db.


  • Q1: Right

    Q2: What is the reason for this question? Why would a tape be assigned without images on it?
    Only reason I know is when media is frozen.

    Q3: Location of NBU databases are covered in NBU Admin Guide I. Links to all NBU manuals in 'Handy Links' in my signature.
    The two databases are tables within EMM database. You won't find them anywhere as files in NBU paths.

  • Further to Mariannes answer ...

    Q2: What is the reason for this question? Why would a tape be assigned without images on it?
    Only reason I know is when media is froze.

    You can have tapes in the Media Database / Assigned if it has been put there manually, even if there are no images in the image DB.

    However, these commands would not normally be run unless there are valid images in the image DB, but the tape has become unassigned, and need reassigning.