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9 years ago

Enterprise Vault Dedupe Ratio with NetBackup


We are using NetBackup 7.6.1, 5220s 2.6.1, EV 10.0.3.  We use the NetBackup EV Agent policies to backup all EV components, including Open and Closed partitions.   We have collections enabled for items older than 10 days.  The issue I have is we are getting a dedupe ratio of about 2% on all partitions, some of which have been closed for over a year.  I keep 2-3 copies of the data on the appliances (backup every two weeks, keeping 1 months worth), so I am storing all the data multiple times.  I am wondering what others get on their closed partitions? Can NetBackup not examine the contents or blocks of a cab file?


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  • Are you 100% sure that your closed partitions are not changing?   Depending upon your configuration, deletions could still be occuring:

  • Hello,


    agreed with sdo, deletions/expiration can launch changes also on a closed partition (when a number of deletions achieves some threshold in a CAB files)

    I inspect our internal ratios and whats interesting they are very volatile, jumping from 40% through 75% up to 99% for the same (open) partition and its full backups. But it is not filling up so quickly, so it i not explation. Also the number of kept full backups is sufficient for a good dedup, so now I dont see apparent reason for this behaviour..

  • We may get a little bit of change when people open archived documents, but at any one time that won't be more that 50GB (as per the amount of free space on the partitions).  At the moment I get no dedupe. I spoke with Symantec Tech Support who said the EV Agent cannot dedupe EV cab file data, as it does not have a deduplication handler.

    To get around this issue, I am changing the backup policy type to Windows which does dedupe, and will just have to specifiy the partition paths individually in the jobs - back to manual intervention every time one closes!  Running the first ones this weekend.  Did some preliminary testing and it deduped ok.  Will use the Agent for all other components. 

    Hoping this is looked at for an upcoming release.