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9 years ago

Enterprise vault only weekly full backup on EV_fingerprint fails with error code 24


We have NBU 7.7.2 installed on windows 2012 R2. we do take EV backup using EV policy type.

Only EV weekly backup schedule is failling with socket write failed -24 (on EV_fingerprint DB only) But for the same backup selection- daily schedule is running absolutely fine.

Is there something, we are missing on EV_Fingerprint DB weekly backup???


Please suggest

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  • Hello,

    review SQL Server Logs/Event Viewer Logs on SQL Server for the time of error.

    Status 24 is low-level error, not usually caused by a misconfiguration.

    My first thoughts i collision with some maintenance operation.

    If cause not obvious, try to shift the backup window by several hours.



  • Hi Michal


    We do not have maintenace for SQL.

    Also the time window for Wekly job is 8 hours.

    Please note, when we run a job manually using weekly schedule, also this failes with error code 24 (socket write failed)

    Critical bmbrm from client <client name> FTL -Socket write failed

    Error bptm system call failed - connection reset by peer (at child c.1307)

    error bptm: unable to perform read from client socket, connection may have been broken

    error bptm : media manager terminated by parent process

    error bpbrm could not send server status msg


    Note: Same Policy, when i do run daily schedule (anytime in a day) completes successfully. Only issue fails running weekly schedule (anytime in a day).

  • I would like to add few more details here..

    We have EV standalone and SQL is separate server. Earlier SQL was SAN client and later we had disabled the SAN client for this SQL server.

  • Hello,

    are storage units in both schedules (Weekly, Daily) the same? Look for any configuration differences in schedules, maybe try to delete/recreate Weekly schedule.


  • If you haven't done so, try increasing Client Read Timeout of the media server and EV front end. Error 24 is a network-related error. 

    Check the network connection between media server and EV host, make sure there is no packet drop or reordering.