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19 years ago

error 174 media manager - system error occurred


Need help.

I'm encountering this error
with this error:
Critical bptm(pid=2140) attempted to write 176 gigabytes, 1825702268 bytes, it is not a multiple of 512
backup of client exits with status 174 (media manager - system error occurred)
media manager - system error occurred(174)

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  • Hi Glenda,
    When media server is sending data it patched it up in 512 bytes so after the backup is done it checks the validity of the data through diving the total data size backe up by 512, if it cannot be divided evenly then bptm thinks of it as an invalid data and hence a system error.

    please do check up the following tech note, as per Veritas the condition applies mainly because of the NIC cards in use.

    Ankur Kumar
  • Thanks ankur,

    In my case: I have A Windows Media Server and Client solaris OS.
    The backup of the solaris server is failing with status code 174.
    symanetc claims that drive error might also be the cause.
    And since my drive is always down'ing as well
    I had replaced the tape drive and run the backup.

    Job completed.
  • Hi Glenda,
    well if the issue hs been resolved then there is nothing better than that, congratulations in fact if we consider the drive problem it does play a critical role in this case as data written wrongly can result into not multiples of 512.
    No problemo, Thank you so much Glends for the update.

    Ankur Kumar