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11 years ago

Error 200 - Netbackup VMWare

The backups on VMWARE backup polcies (which has no clients to display) are failing with error 200 which is actually not an error. We have VMWAre backup policies configured as per the VMWare cluster and if a cluster does not have any VM's to backup , the policy fails with error 200 which is normal .

My question is -> Is there way that we can tweak netbackup so it does not display such messages as errors as it is not a real error.

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  •  though that is not real error when there is no VMs in the cluster, but it possibly a error when there are VMs in the cluster and netbackup is not able to Query those VMs due to some reasons... 

    and it is very much possible there are VMs in the cluster and netbackup reports EC 200 becuase of some issue which needs to get addressed.

    so tehnically this is the error... and it needs to get reported.... and unfortunaly there is no way to stop reporting other than below 2

    1) i would suggest you to deactivate the policy if you are sure that the cluster does not have any active VMs,

     2 ) and if you dont what to deactive, just keep one test VM on it which is small in size get it backup untill you actaully get the requrired VMs into it.