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9 years ago

Error bpbrm (pid=36700210) socket read failed: errno = 119 - System call timed out - file read failed (13)

Dear Experts Trying to configure backup windows file system backup ( win 2008)  for two  SAN attached drives which get mount & unmount every night calling a another script within bpstart & bpend n...
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    9 years ago

    If a parent job spawns 3 child jobs and you only want an operation for the parent, not the children.. use:

    parent_start_notify &

    And for your subsequent question, yes, bpstart & bpend can be specific to a policy and/or schedule, see this in admin guide:

    To create a bpstart_notify script for a specific policy or policy and schedule combination, create script files with a .policyname or .policyname.schedulename suffix. The following are two examples of script names for a policy (production) that has a schedule (fulls):