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8 years ago

error code 230

Dear Team,

We have installed OpsCenter_8.0_Win on one dedicated Server 2012 DC Standard and also created Active Directory on it. Created 1 domain user for testing purpose.(Test)

Test user logged on one desktop os winodws 8.1 64bit.

On that desktop we installed NetBackup_8.0_Win.

Now I am getting error code 230 while starting backup schedule.

please provide any solution for the same.

find the attached screen error shot for your easy reference.



Regards/Sandeep G


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  • If you want a user directed backup to be taken you need to configure a policy for that backup to attach to. Create a Windows-NT type policy, and create a user backup schedule in it, and make sure the window (time frame) is open so the user may take a backup.

  • Is this you first introduction to NetBackup? 

    Apart from installation and backup attempt, what other steps have you performed?
    Have you added some kind of backup storage (e.g. disk or tape)?
    Have you created Storage Units for this storage?

    If you have never worked with NetBackup before,  then there is no easy way to 'teach yourself' or for us to assist. 
    Even reading through manuals will be difficult as you will not find step-by-step instructions.

    Ask your Veritas reseller for assistance - they should have qualified staff to help you (probably for a fee) to get started.

    You can also book yourself on classroom or virtual classroom training or make use of free Veritas eLibrary training.
    Start here:

    Links to manuals in Handy NBU Links in my signature.
    Admin Guide I covers configuration of backup environment.


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      Hi Sandeep,

      Marianne is right - NetBackup is a very steep learning curve, so you definitely need some level of training to get you up to speed.  If I was you, I would do this ASAP because you have a lot to learn :smileyvery-happy:

      I'm guessing your environment is just for testing at the moment, but there are a couple of items I'll point out that may help you down the track.  OPSCenter should always as far as possible be installed on its own server, and definitely not on a Domain Controller (particularly if it is your production DC).

      You also say you installed NetBackup_8.0_Win on Windows 8.1 64-bit.  I am thinking this is NetBackup Server, rather than NetBackup Client.  I say that because it looks like your are trying to backup your DC from your Windows 8.1 PC.  Please be aware that NetBackup Client is supported on Windows 8.1, but NetBackup Server is not supported on Windows 8.1.  NetBackup Server 8.0 is supported on Windows Server operating systems from Windows Server 2008 upwards (64-bit OS's only).  It is not supported on any Windows desktop operating systems.

      Hope this helps,



  • Could you share bppllist -U command output and describe how did you run the job?