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11 years ago

[Error] V-126-3 'bmrprep' could not complete the requested operation

Hi, I am attempting to do a BMR on a client. I am getting this error below. I have attached a log of the process bmrprep in debug mode.  [Error] V-126-3 'bmrprep' could not complete the requested ...
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    11 years ago

    I could see multiple problems in your case:

    1) SRT allocation failing due to invalid network services configuration on Bootserver.

    For network services configuration on boot server, please refer later Netbackup BMR Administrator guide section"Solaris Network configuration" of Appendix A.

    2) Even after you configure your network settings properly, you may see failures during recovery. I can see ZFS is configured on your solaris server and BMR support for solaris servers with ZFS is added from Netbackup 7.5.0.x. It seems your client with which backup was taken is still at 7.0. Unless you have NB7.5.0.x or higher version of client on Solaris client, Netbackup will not be able to backup complete bare metal restore informaion of ZFS filesystems for the client.

     In that case, if client OS volumes are not on ZFS, you need to restrict the ZFS based disks in BMR configuration and use it BMR Prep with "Restore System Disk/Volumes only" option.  


    Upgrade the client's NB software to 7.5.0.x and take a fresh backup. Using that you can recover your solaris client without issues.