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15 years ago

Error with jobs start a day and ends another one

Hi All,
I need help with NetBackUp 6.0. I have a job that start on 22:00 with multiplexing 4, the backup time is around 4 hours, after 00:00 the job finish because the media is unavailable. I don't have scratch pool.

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  • When you say the jobs finishes because no media is available are you getting a status code 96?  Do you have available media in the volume pool that you are using for the policy?
  • Thanks for answering! Yes, the status code is 96. The volume pool have a available media.
  • that the tapes were inventoried correctly?  Do you have the correct barcode rules set up for these tapes?  Also make sure the tapes you have are not frozen or suspended.  

    Below is the in-depth troubleshooting guie for exit 96's - it has a good list of things to check: