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12 years ago

Examples of how to use new_stream

I have a Windows 2008 R2 server with two drives (C & E) and a HP 2 drive MSL4048 library.

I would like to backup up the E drive using both drives that are in the MSL4048 library to improve backup performance (reduce the time needed to back it up). 

I tried the following in my Daily Backup policy (which is Full / Incremental):


When the Full backup portion of the policy ran, I only got the 2nd stream in my backup (ie. E:\Directory3, E:\Directory4, etc...) Nothing from the 1st stream.

What am I missing? Am I trying to do something that is not allowed because it is on a single drive?

Can someone send me a link with examples on how to use the NEW_STREAM directive? I read the Admin manual and it looked straight forword.

Thanks in advance.


  • All,

    Thanks so much for every ones help, especially Marianne. 

    As it turns out, streams were the least problem. It was various items including lack of understanding on how NetBackup works in general.  The final solution to my problem was to configure the Host Properties -> Global Attributes -> Max Jobs per Client from a default value of 1 to 4 and Host Properties -> Client Attributes -> Max Data Streams from default of 1 to 4.  Both drives, inside of the MSL4048, are now servicing each stream and my backup times have been reduced by over 50%.  The knowledge you have shared with me will enhance the further reduction in my backup times. 

    Not sure who should get credit for the solution but my problem is offically resolved.

    Thanks again... 

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