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6 years ago

Exchange 2013 backup failure with status 72 after Exchange CU22 update was done

Hi all.

Anybody faced already with a Exchange 2013 DAG backup failure after an update on Exchange was done to version CU22?

After the update the backup started to fail with error 2 

08.mar.2019 04:12:42 - Error bpbrm (pid=9564) You cannot use the backup directive for Database Availability Groups for an Exchange Standalone backup
08.mar.2019 04:12:42 - Info bpresolver (pid=44088) done. status: 72: the client type is incorrect in the configuration database


Client/Master = Master
NetBackup Client Platform = PC-x64, WindowsXP
NetBackup Client Protocol Level = 8.1.0
Product = NetBackup
Version Name = 8.1
Version Number = 810000
Client OS/Release = Windows2012 6

Is there any Netbackup update, fix or workaround?

According the last compatibility list released on 7th of March CU22 is not supported.

thanks for any advice

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  • Hi Eccio,

    Unfortunately I think you're stuck.  That's why it is critical to check the compatibility lists before making environment changes.  There won't be any update, fix or workaround until CU22 is a supported configuration.

    I guess your two main options are:

    • Log a call wiith Veritas support and see if you can get any information as to when CU22 will be supported.
    • Rollback to your prior Exchange CU (haven't tried that on 2013, so don't know how possible it is).

    One other temporary option might be to use Windows Server backup in the meantime, until either CU22 is supported or you rollback to a prior CU (if possible).

    Good Luck,


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      I agree with Systems_Team . I am not aware of a workaround if the Exch version is unsupported.

      Weird thing is that this version is no longer acknowledged by NBU as a DAG, but rather as Standalone.

      Hopefully Lowell_Palecek will be along soon with thoughts/advice.... 

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      Hi Steve. 

      Thanks you for your reply.

      unfortunately the update was done without notyfying me, so I had no chance to stop them to do the update.

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      Hi Marianne.

      For me it was as well an access right issue initially, but I'm not able to find more information in the logs.

      bpresolver log file is empty

    • **corrected on proofreading**

      I am not able to pre-announce other teams' plans. All I have from the Exchange folks is that they are working on qualifying 2013 CU22, as well as other current versions.

      I can look into the bpresolver message. The bpresolver failure is the cause of the message in bpbrm about not being able to use a DAG backup directive for a non-DAG server. Let's start by taking the bpresolver message at face value. Are you sure the policy client type is Exchange?

      I generally expect any changes from Microsoft to only affect GRT backups, if at all. For example, if the EWS change in one of the links you gave matters, it would matter only for GRT restore.

      The shared permissions issue is new to me. I will have to wait to see what the QA and development team's come up with to qualify the new CU versions (and Exchange 2019).

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        Please get a bpresolver log with the client logging levels set at 5 and 2, and the relevant part of a bpbrm log with the media server logging level set to at least 3.