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5 years ago

Expired NBU images


Could you answer a question?

How can I control the prioritization of images so that they are not removed or expired on an advanced disk that has reached its capacity?

Using Data Classification or modifying retention level?

  • I suggest that you read up in Admin Guide I in the SLP section. 

    As sdo  says - you obviously need to have a 2nd STU where images are duplicated to.

    I see this in 8.2 Admin Guide I: 

    Staging using the Storage Lifecycle Policies utility
    Staged backups that are configured within the Storage Lifecycle Policies utility also
    consist of two stages. Data on the staging storage unit is copied to a final destination.
    However, the data is not copied per a specific schedule. Instead, the administrator can
    configure the data to remain on the storage unit until either a fixed retention period is
    met, or until the disk needs additional space, or until the data is duplicated to the final
    No BasicDisk or disk staging storage unit can be used in an SLP.
    See “About storage lifecycle policies” on page 645.

    Even for basic disk with DSSU, the images need to be duplicated to alternate storage before disk cleanup can take place prior to expiration date. 

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  • Images are never expired simply because an Advanced Disk Storage Unit becomes full, i.e. this is true:

    "they are not removed or expired on an advanced disk that has reached its capacity"

    So, please can you re-state differently and clarify what your problem is?

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      Hello, how can I configure backups on an advanced disk storage unit so that when the storage unit reaches its capacity, the older images are expired?


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        If there is only one storage unit involved then you cannot configure it to do that.  If you only have one storage unit and you configure / instruct / tell NetBackup to retain a backup image until a certain date, then NetBackup will do just that.  You will have to write a script to monitor the capacity usage levels and to then expire the oldest images (up to a certain point - but what point?) - but what you are doing is defeating the whole purpose of NetBackup.  What you are suggesting is not how backups are managed.  If the business is willing to let you auto-expire backup data before it is due to to expire then this says to me that you are initially retaining the data for too long - so instead shorten your retentions to the minimum time frames supported and agreed with your business / cost model - or buy more storage.

        There are other options for capacity managed expiring from of a DSSU - but I'll let you research that in the documentation.


  • Another question from me - 

    Do you have SLPs configured where your disk is configured as backup target and then duplicated elsewhere?
     -  if so, what does your current SLP config look like?