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8 years ago

Extremely low Console access after enabling NBAC

Hello colleagues,

I have a extrange behaviour in our Netbackup environment (Master and media servers installed in AIX7.1) after enabling Access Control. After running the "bpnbaz -setupmaster" and configure NBAC on the media servers (without any errors) we experienced a low Netbackup console access (from Windows Console and using Java Console from the master server), login to the console takes almost 10-15 minutes, and navigate the menues is painful.

We unconfigure NBAC and the console back to normal. The master is clustered with Infoscale Availability version 7.1.


Anybody has experienced such behaviour?


Thanks and best regards



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  • It is one of the great problems with NBAC - it is notorious difficult to debug.

    My recommendation are as follows:

    Upgrade to 7.7 and use the "Advanced Auditing". 

    advanced auditing allow non-root user to be Netbackup Administrators. Where NBAC allow/disallow access on a group level, advanced auditing is a "admin" or "non admin" style.

    Wait for NBU 8.

    NBAC will be replaced with RBAC - total rewritten, built-in, not possible to disable.

  • We keep on hearing with every new NBU version that NBAC is improving, but it seems not to be the experience in real life.
    Proper documentation also seems to be lacking greatly...

    There are specific instructions for configuration of NBAC on a clustered master server. Can you confirm that you have followed all steps?

    My previous attempts with NBAC on clustered master server have ended in lengthy support calls with backline support to get it to work properly...

    Consider logging a Support call if all steps were followed and this is still not working for you.

  • Thanks for your responses.

    Marianne, yes I had also bad experiences with NBAC before, however, this time the only issue that I see is with the console. I think also that the documentation is not good enough, I followed the instructions from "Netbackup Security and Encryption Guide", Configuring Netbackup Access Control (NBAC) on a clustered master server, page 130. Opening a case with support about the slow of the console operation is a bit difficult to debug and confirm.

    Nicolai, thanks for the advice about migration to 7.7 version, I will try the upgrade and open a case if it doesn't work.

    Nurgul, thanks for the information, I had found this note, I will excecute the indicated procedure and test NBAC one more time.


    Thanks to all, and best regards





  • Hi friend.

    I found that dns configuration affects in this situation, after enable nbac you can check that.