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  • I am planning on moving from BE 12.5 to NB 7 as well.  Any imput will be appreciated.
  • There is little avail from Symantec that details out exact differences, but I'll bite...

    BE2010 dedupe has a limit of 16TB of deduped data, where as NBU7 is 32TB.
    NBU7 can still handle VCB, BE2010 pretty much removed it in favor of vSphere/vStorage
    BE2010 supports only about 1/5th of the non-Windows OS's compared to NBU7 (e.g.BE no longer supports HPUX, AIX)

    Come to think of it, this list would take me hours thinking of each and every little thing I can remember...  

    Is there a particular feature you are looking for.  It's usually business requirements that dictate the solution...
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