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7 years ago

FETB question again

Hi all,

I know this topic is coming up over and over again.

I know we can use nbudeployutil to calculate the capacity used, as well as take the weekly/monthly full backup to generate client report, and sum it manually.

Here is my senerio: Yesterday i backup large 20TB file from clientA to retention 5yrs. After backup completed, I delete this 19TB from clientA and and continue backup 1TB in standard policy. After 90 days, when I do self audit,will this 19TB still shown in report? Coz FETB license is calculate the average over 90 days.

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  • No it will not, nbdeployutil is based on maximum backup image sizes during the reporting window, not average sizes. In you case it will revert to 1 TB after 90 days.

    I think this is covered in NBU Admin Guide Vol 2 which you should always consut when using nbdeployutil along with the notes in the output XLS as manual adjustments may well be required.

    Best regards, Andrew