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5 years ago

File server windows 2019 backup slowly

Hi all, I have a problem with file server backup, since we upgrade the OS of FS to Windows 2019, sometime it backup stay very slowly. The first time it occurs I fix it restarting my file server, aft...
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    5 years ago

    Yes a red herring - the bpbkar process in 8.x is called bpbkar32.exe - and there is only a 64 bit binary available for Windows now.

    What I'd be looking at is enabling Windows change journalling to avoid the costly directory walk in the first place. For the client in "Host properties -> Clients -> Windows Client -> Client Settings":  enable "Use Change Journal". 
    I'd also be enabling aceletator in the policy (it doesn't appear to be set)

    This should remove the directory walk time which is where your backup is showing slowness. 

    Another option would be to use a Flashbackup-Windows policy for the E: drive (and exclude E: from original policy) as that seems to have a very large number of files for which that policy type is designed.