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12 years ago

Find the tape ID for expired Image

Hi All,
I have a Query here :
We got an Restore request for a file.
But the tape which contains the file is expired.
We are not sure which tape is used for backup of this file.
How can I get the file restored back ?
"Another way to ask this query:"
I have a client, and backup for this client is configured with a week (7 days) retention period.
Now I got an restore request after/on 10th day.
How will I get to know the media ID used for backup, so that I can get it imported for restore.
Quick advice is much appreciable...thnks
  • If your 'days to keep logs' is at the default of 28 days, you may be lucky enough to find media id in All Log Entries.

    Specify client name and start and end time that will cover backup window 10 days ago.

    Media id(s) will be in the report.

    Please bear in mind that this tape may have been overwritten in the meantime.

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