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13 years ago

Frozen Media

HI all,


I am using NBU 7.1  on solaris 10 SUN SPARC Architecture.

I have three medias which went into frozen state after unfreezing them.

Using administration console and command line.

Also find the screen shot of Admin console showing Frozen Media and bptm Log.

your help is Highly Appreciated.

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  • What was the status code for the job for which you posted bptm?

    Please post all text in Details tab for this job.

    I don't see any media errors in the bptm log that you've posted. There are a couple of tapealerts, but no warning <8> or error <16>. The only <16> is this:

    16> catch_signal: media manager terminated by parent process

    which means that the job failed somewhere else. It is normally bpbrm that failed and as a result killed bptm.

    Please post the contents of this file as well:


    If you have more than one media server, post the 'error' file for all of them.

  • If you are running bpmedia -unfreeze -m <Media ID> from any machine other than the Media Server that wrote on the Media, then you should be adding a -h <Media Server name> to the command to make it look like this:

    bpmedia -unfreeze -m <Media ID> -h <Media Server name that last wrote on that Media>


    run bpmedia -unfreeze -m <Media ID> from the Media Server that owns the Media.

    You can get the last write host of the Media from the GUI > Media and Device Management > Media

    or by running command nbemmcmd -listmedia -mediaid <MediaID>