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12 years ago

help with permissions on backups written to disk



I have my linux netbackup master/media server backing up to disk.  The disk location is backupserver:/data/backup_images/


currently the backup images and info files get written as   


-rw-------  1 root root        8192 Apr  3 10:04 host1.domain.com_1365008648_C1_HDR.1365008648.img
-rw-------  1 root root         892 Apr  3 10:04
thus owner root has rw and group and everyone have no permissions.
I want to have the files written by netbackup as
so owner and group have rw permissions.  I have tried umask in /etc/profile on the linux master/media server and that did nothing leading me to believe that umask is set somewhere within netbackup's run scripts.
Can someone point me to where in the netbackup run scripts to change umask or tell me another way?
  • NetBackup create its own file with 0600 permission, and this permission is hard-coded.

    NetBackup is dessigned as so since no other users and application should be prevent from touching image files. No trick in NetBackup. You need to sort it by this bandaid method.

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