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7 years ago

Housekeeping - remove old or invalid clients from netbackup console

Been using NBU for a couple of years now in a medium-large enterprise environment.  currently we have a lot of now invalid clients defined in the admin console that i would like to eventually remove from the system, just to de-clutter things.  as clients have been decomissioned, we have moved them out of their regular backup policies into a policy called 'decomissioned'.  this policy doesn'treally do anything, no schedule, no backup, its deactivated actually.  i didn't want to just delete the clients that were decomissioned just in case we were called upon to restore data for some reason.  i figured having the client out there somewhere would be for the best. but eventually, every backup image for one of these decomissioned clients will expire.  at that point, i can see no reason to have the client name exist anywhere in our system.

my question is, what is the best way to validate that no images exist for a client?  I know i can search the catalog from within the java admin console, but is there a quicker way?  i am wondering about browsing here; masterserver:/cat/images/clientname   and looking to see if the directory is empty.  if it is empty, i believe that indicates that there are no images.  is that correct ?


thank you

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  • A restore does not require the client name to be there, but I can understand you want to keep it for the purpose of "knowing" it was a client this environment did the backup for.

    To validate if there is still valid image for the client, just do a:

    bpimagelist -client <clientname>  -s 01/01/1971 -l

    An empty result means there is none. But beware, the result may sometimes show you expired images if it's in a media (tape) which is frozen. You can unfreeze the tape to let the images expire by itself.

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      bpimagelist command would also be my choice.

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      thanks for the reply.  what do these switches do?  i don't see these options in the usage output.


      -s 01/01/1971 -l



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        -s <startdate> 

        is giving it a start date to search within catalog. 1970 is the standard way of capturing all older images.


        is to list the image output in brief format. You can also use -L for detailed format, -U for more user-readable format.