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7 years ago

how do i disable restore from disk images?

so i got it to the point where no restores are done without aligning the admins.apparently that only works for backups stored on tapes. but for backups stored or still on disk, the DBAs can do restores anytime they please.

is it possible then, to place the same restore controls on disk images?

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  • I am not sure why you want to restrict the restore, ablility to restore the data when it is needed basic need of backups.

    I do not think there is a way to restrict the Restores triggering from DB, even from the tapes, it triggers the job and wait for the tape if it not in library.

    if you want to restrict the DBA to trigger restore,  define a policy in your IT organination and inform them.

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      i am already restricting restores from tape. found out last week that disk images that were kept for sometime are not under that restrictions.

      well, there are certain cultures that do not follow rules so we have to implement the rules actively like preventing unauthorized restores. this is our way of making sure everybody follows the rules and also to monitor who did what when.

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