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16 years ago

How do I free up tape space used by failed Job?

I'm running NBU 6.0MP4 on Solaris 10. I'm testing NDMP backups but none seem complete successfully. My problem is I'm running out of tapes. I tried expiring the image ID from database but since the backup failed I'm guessing it doesn't get recorded in the image/media DB's? I assumed if that's the case new jobs should overwrite the data on tapes from this failed job. It doesn't seem so as I'm quickly running out of tapes. The failed job used about 4-5 tapes before failing. How do I free up the space on these tapes? Thanks
  • Well, my answer is no.

    A tape is not random access media, so NetBackup firstr eels a  tape to the end of the last record and then starts adding new images. New images can't be inserted beetween existing images. It is because you can't calculate the image size in advance.


    So once all the images on a tape are expired, NetBackup puts this tape into SCRATCH pull and it is considered empty and ready for writting.

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