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12 years ago

How much free space in a tape

Hi guys, Is there any way to check how much free space left in a tape? I am using NB 7.5 Thanks, Joseph
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    12 years ago


    you can see the how much of data written using the below command, or from the GUI-> medias(under Kilobytes tab)

    bpmedialist  -m <mediaid> -U

    so based on the media size that you use, you can caulcate the amount of free space left for future jobs..

    lets say if you are using the LTO-5 tapes.. with capacity of 1.5 TB.

    and bpmedialist is showing KBwritten as 700GB... so free space is 1.5 - 700 = 800GB.

    Generally EMM server will take care all this behalf of us... :-)

    hope this helps.