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  • Please verify below excellent link which talks about backup process flow chart which Marianne shared with us:


  • Hi sri,


    Thanks for sharing this link.

    I am aware of the process flow in netbackup. but I want to know exact files required to make the connection between NBU and database.

    My concern is how policy gets created and deleted ?

    I dnt want detailed info but a rough idea.


  • please take a look at NBU SQL admin and NBU oracle guide. Process flow diagram which explains how NBU connects to MS SQL is explained in detail. 

    policy can be created and deleted in GUI .its a matter of 2-3 mouse clicks.wink

  • laugh I'm talking about automation.

    If Database gets created on server then policy suppose to get create and database gets deleted then policy suppose to get delete but automatically.


    Can you please share link for NBU SQL admin ?

  • Sagar,

    • NetBackup for SQL Server accesses information about SQL Server using ODBC.
    • dbbackup.exe will allow t0 browse SQL Server objects, like databases, filegroups, and database files,db images..
    • dbbackup.exe will call dbbackmain.dll
    • To access the contents of the catalog the GUI invokes
      dbbackmain.dll, which uses VxBSA function calls to access the NetBackup
      Server database manager.
    • we need below processes
    Please verify below image:


  • Please find the netbackup sql admin guide

  • Hey Sri,


    Thanks for giving the way. I had this document saved and I went thought the same part which you just posted.


    Appreciated :)

  • Hello Sagar,

    If your request is fulfilled, pls mark the respective post as a solution.

  • My concern is how policy gets created and deleted ? 

    There is nothing about this process that can be automated.
    SQL dba needs to work with backup admin to create/update/delete policy.

    If backup script on client contains $all for database entry, all SQL databases will be backed up, even if dba's create and delete individual databases.