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7 years ago

How t Duplicate primary copy to copy4 on to tape

Hi All..

Please help, i have backup images on data domain as primary copy and now i want to duplicate  them to tapes as destination as copy4 how to do this is there any command please suggest. 

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      My primary copy is on DD want to duplicate to Tape as copy4, can you please provide the complete command 

      bpduplicate -backupid <backupid> dstunit<Stu to use> -p<volpool to use>

      where should i mention as copy4


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        When you keep insisting on copy4, do you mean that copy1, copy2 and copy3 of the image already exist in NetBackup?

        The copy on DD I would assume is either copy 1 or copy 3. Am I correct?

        If copy1, copy2 and copy3 already exist in NetBackup, when you perform the duplication either from the GUI or the CLI, NetBackup would automatically create the new copy as copy number 4. That is not required to be specified. 

        You specify a copy number in the bpduplicate command, if you have multiple copies present in the catalog and you would like a specific copy number to be used as the source copy for the duplication operation. You do not specify the destination copy number

  • If you want your tape copy to be copy 4, you will have to make copy 1,2 & 3 first.

    The bpduplicate command creates the lowest number. So if you have copy2 and no copy1, duplicating copy2 will first create copy1.

    You can see this in the GUI in the catalog view, if you MUST generate copy4, you can duplicate on disk to copy3, then duplicate to tape as copy4.