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How the drives can be configured to NDMP hosts.

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We have Our filers configured with a TAPE DRIVE each i jus wanted to understand what is meant by One-way NDMP and three-Way NDMP and how to know if my environment is One-way or Three-Way ??? Also please help me with a guide which helps to undertsnd it better.



  • Take a Look at below URL wink


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  • Take a Look at below URL wink


  • The NBU for NDMP manual also contains diagrams that makes it easy to understand the difference between direct attached and 3-way.

    3-way simply means a NAS filer does not have own devices, but is sending data to another NAS filer that has tape drive(s) attached.

    The backup policy will tell you how it is configured - look at the Storage Unit name in attributes. 
    Then look at Client name in the same policy.
    If STU and Client name is the same, then it is one-way (direct attached).
    If STU name is for one filer but another filer name in Clients tab, the config is 3-way.

    NBU for NDMP Admin Guide

    See Types of NDMP backup starting on p.17.