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7 years ago

How to backup AWS EC2 instances ( Windows and Rdhat Linux) using NBU 8.1

Hello there,

How are you ? Can we backup and restore AWS (Amazon) EC2 instances with NetBackup 8.1 ? Yes, we are installing NBU client on EC2 insntaces for backup. I am able to backup file system volumes (c:, d: etc) but I was wondering on how to backup the whole EC2 instance (VM itself).

Any help or pointer to it will be appreciated. 


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  • AWS does not provide access to images of AMI VMs, neither it provides access to database files of RDS - it's a closed ecosystem that works through API where you can trigger a snapshot for an AMI or RDS either through AWS console or a script or Veritas' new product called CloudPoint. However, you won't have direct access to the snapshot - the economy of AWS works on storing everything in AWS' walled garden.

    I wrote a set of scripts back in 2014 to help one of my customers to trigger RDS and AMI snapshots through the NBU scheduler and it was not too difficult as the API is pretty well documented - but it is not possible to back an AMI up like a VMware VM.

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      Thanks very much for your answer.

      I would think, I should be able to backup windows servers with traditional file backups ( since I have the NBU client running on the EC2 instances)? 

      I am thinking of ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES, System State or Shadown Copy components directives , should do it (it should capture everything on windows server ) ? Although not sure, what would be different between ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES, system state or shadow copy  for Windows 2012 R2 ?

      Thank you.