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7 years ago

How to Backup from VTL to Tapes

Hi VOX Experts,

We have a netback up version my colleague have taken the backup to VTL.

What we need to accomplish is to backup the content of /db/backup to external quantum tapes.

May we know how can we do that using the netbackup

We also encounter error 96 which is media not available but upon checking there are tapes inside our tape liblary.

Thanks in advance

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  • You can use the 'Duplicate' function in the NetBackup GUI to duplicate the VTL media-id's to the Storage Unit for the Quantum devices.
    Another option is to use bpduplicate command (cmd or script).  Command usage in the NetBackup Commands manual.

    Status 96 is a separate discussion - you need to check all parameters in the backup policy that is failing - 
    Storage Unit - Robot number, density, media server - Is this the same robot where you see blank, available media of correct density?
    Pool name - Are the blank tapes identified above in the correct pool?
    Schedule retention - If there are no blank tapes but already written tapes that are not yet full - which retention are those?
    NBU will only append if the retention in the schedule matches the retention on the non-full tapes. 

    Are you aware that your NBU version has reached EOSL more than a year ago?


  • NBU cannot distinguish between VTL or PTL i.e. virtual or physical tape library. For NBU it is just tapes.

    If you need to configure a new policy to backup you db\backup to tapes, just create a new policy and use the storage unit which is configured for the physical tape library's robot.

    If the backup is already done then you need to go to catalog and manually duplicate the image. 

    Below technote should be helpful in working you through the error 96


    BTW I hope you are aware that NBU 7.5 is End of support.