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6 years ago

How to configure the different STUs with the same Robot without TL partitions?

We want to configure the different STUs that include different TDs in the same Robot without TL partitons via their corresponding SAN zones!
Notes:  all the TDs in the same Robot have the same drive type and media density.

So is it possible ?

  • The STU usint is associated with a library- it doesn't 'contain a library as such.  THE STU for media server A can be assocaited with arobot connected to say media server B

    One media server is the robot control host, this is the only server hat runs hthe tldcd process, the process that talks directly to the library.

    All media servers that have tape drives in the robot have process tldd.  tldd talks to tldcd to get tapes loaded.

    So, on the robot cntrol host itself, tldd -> direct -> tldcd when a tape needs moving

    On non-robot control hosts, but which have tape drives:

    tldd -> across network to robot control host -> tldcd


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  • Technically, no ... (I am presuming you want the STUs on the same media server)

    NBU knows how many tape drives it can use in a STU, this is the concurrent write drives setting.

    For example, you have 10 drives in the robot.

    You can create two STUs and set concurrent write drives to 5 for each one.

    Each STU, will now only use a max of 5 drives, but you cannot control which 5 drives of the 10 available, so it might use drives 1,2,3,4,5 but later it might use 2,4,6,8,10.

    If you want to specify exactly which drives to be used by a STU, the only way to do this is to set 5 drives to one density type (eg hcart) and the other 5 drives to a different density (eg. hcart2).  You would then create 1 hcart STU and 1 hcart2 STU.

    The problem with this, is you then have to split the media as well, some hcart media and some hcart2 media.


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      Tape_Archived   Yes,  I want to specify the different TDs used by the different RCH/MSs !

      mph999   I mean that via the different SAN Zones for the different TDs(plus the same robot),  could NBU use them for the different RCH/MSs(not the same) configuration ?

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        Staying with the 10 drives example ...

        You could have server 1 as the robot control host that has 5 drives zoned to it

        You could have server 2 with the other 5 drives zoned to it

        You then a STU for server 1 (robot and 5 drives) and a different STU for server 2 (5 drives)


  • Do you mean to say - you want to use certain Tape drives in Tape Library with one storage unit and remaining or few other Tape drives with another storage unit??