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8 years ago

How to ensure Catalog data consistency in DR replication to start up NB on DR site?

We are planning on setting up NB on DR site. As PoC, at this time, we only want to be able to start NB on DR, and replicate all Database and needed files in order to start up NB server. Backups and archive data are not needed. However, the storage supports snapshot based volumes/lun replications, but doesn't have a tool to freeze up I/Os, to ensure the data consistency, only replicate whatever on the disk. Without this function,  can NB be started on DR?

Does NB has the ability to freeze I/O's before taking the snapshot, or any way to  ensure  the data consistency.

We are using NFS based backup media.


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  • There is no such snapshot integration for the catalog backup. How busy is your environment? Why don't you stop the services?

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      This is not for backup, but DR recovery. Will this approach work? I meant, if I use storage replication to replicate catalog DB over to DR, and could the standby server in DR site be started?

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        The section in the manual is about replication of NetBackup catalogs. Not Backups.
        And recovery of NetBackup in a DR situation.

        Please go through the section in the manual to ensure that ALL components that make up NBU catalogs reside on a single volume that is replicated in write-order fidelity manner.

        When you have confirmed that ALL requirements in the manual have been met, go ahead and implement the replication.
        Next step is to schedule regular tests.
        This is how you will know if this is going to work for you...