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9 years ago

how to find a reason why VMware file-level mapping not performed?


I have a Windows 2008 virtual machine regurarly backed up. The atribut "Enable file recovery" is checked on for months and file-level recovery was always possible. Suddenly file mapping phase is missing in backup jobs (Number Of Files decreased to the mere number of VMDK's and file-level browsing is not possible in Backup,Archive, Restore GUI).

We cannot simply discover the change which has lead to this. Unfortunately backup jobs don't report reasons for this. I see there is a VxFS logging, but is not possible to find out this quicker - so the reason why NetBackup omits file mapping phase?

NBU and vSphere 5.5 (these versions also were not changed within last x months)

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  • can you confirm that the VM that you are discussing has the file systems created by VxFS.

    if yes... that is the reason.. vmware backups are not supported to restore the file and Directory if the files are in VxFS only full VM restore is supported.

    look into the support documentation for vmware

  • Hello,


    sorry for mistype - of course I meant VxMS logging. No VxFS filesystem in VM. Nothing has changed in VM (from a number and filesystem type point of view) since last week when mapped FS VM backups worked.

    Actually, I am not looking for a solution here.

    I am looking for the information if NetBackup decision - either perform or not perform file mapping, and why - is logged somewhere. Unfortunatelly it is not in job detail.

  • This sounds serious.

    My guess is that this might be logged in bpbkar at increased logging level, but really just a guess.

    Best to log a Support call with Veritas as this sounds like a bug.

  • The customer restarted the VM and since then file-level mapping works again. So unfortunately we wont find reason for this particular case.