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7 years ago

how to get a Vault list tape from specific backup

Good morning. I hope you can help me. We are use a Vault system to tapes, these tapes are a secondary backup of a primary backup. The primary backup expires in 6 months, but the vaults expire in 1...
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    7 years ago

    My 2c:

    There is no 1-to-1 relation between copy1 tapes and vault tapes.

    Vault duplication copy images to a destination STU and pool.
    It is therefore possible that the images on LTOBD123 will not be identical to images on LTOBD800.

    Before copy 1 images expire, bpimagelist -L will show copy 1 and copy 2 media id's.

    After copy 1 has expired, copy 2 automatically becomes the primary copy and information about tape used for copy 1 is removed from the image database.

    After the 6 months when copy 1 tapes have expired, you can use bpimagelist command to list the tapes for the Oracle backups. Something like: 

    bpimagelist -client clientname -d mm/dd/yyyy -e mm/dd/yyyy -media -pt Oracle -U
    (where -d is start-date and -e is end-date)

    Please note that -e is note the date when the policy ended. 
    The -d and -e options will give a list of all Oracle backups started during the period.