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7 years ago

how to get rid of PEND-TLD state


NBU 8.0 8 HP-UX Media Servers sharing 6 LTO5 drives. Master on Windows 2008 R2.

Yesterday there were some unplanned HP-UX restarts when duplication between drives was active.

However since then there is a PEND-TLD state on these drives.

vmoprcmd -crawlreleasebyname <drive name> returns:

Host <host1> returned: SPC-2 RESERVED

Host <host2> returned: SPC-2 RESERVED


on all sharing Media Servers.

And Device Config wizard redefines these drives again in PEND-TLD state.

Drives which were not active during restarts are ok (state TLD).

How to get rid of PEND-TLD state? The cause is probably outside NetBackup?



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    7 years ago

    You may find that is scsi SPC2 reservation is used, you also need to powercycle drives (not some soft reset from the libarry GUI, needs to be real power cycle)

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