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14 years ago

How to import images

Hi All, We got few tapes and need to import images to restore data. We have standalone hcart3 connect to backup server. have kept the tape in standalone drive, using Netbackup 6.5 admin console...
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    14 years ago

    First: if the tape is old and is no longer listed in the media list you will have to add it.

    As it is in a standalone drive you have to do that by hand.

    So say your tape is A00101

    go to media in the gui.

    actions(top menu bar not the screen)  new volume

    choose your media type (which should be the same type as your drive so that would be 1/2 " cartridge tape 3)

    choose standalone for robot

    put in your media ID  A00101

    then just choose a pool (bottom right)

    click ok.  the tape should now show in the media list



    now to import (2 phases)

    go to catalog in the gui - THIS IS A SEARCH SCREEN NOT AN ACTION SCREEN

    for phase 1

    go to action initiate import

    make sure your master is the correct one

    image type is tape

    put in your media id A00101

    click ok.

    Wait for that job to finish (will be in activity monitor)

    This will do a quick run of the tape and see what images are on the tape (not what is in the images)



    now phase 2

    back at the catalog screen we need to search for those images on the tape

    On the screen Action: = import

    Media id = A00101

    Date/time  just change the year of between to some year before you know the tape was made  say 2000 keep the date and time as it is.

    click search

    it will now ONLY search in the catalog for any images that it know about only on tape A00101 that are ready for phase 2 import ( you don't have to use all that other stuff on the screen unless you have a bunch of tapes that you have done phase 1 on and are ready for phase 2 - you already narrowed it down to just images on tape A00101)

    When done, in the bottom it will show you what images it found for that tape that are ready for importing.

    Each will have a server name,  choose one, choose all, just import what you want/need.

    once chosen, right click and say import.

    It will not read the tape again and create all the nice info that you see in the BAR about all the files in the images on the tape and put the info into its catalog.

    Once that is done you are ready for restores.