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10 years ago

How to list all policies with a schedule that starts at a specific time

So, I probably should know this, or at least be able to find it out, but not having any luck.

Got some complaints about resource utilization, so I'm looking to rearrange some policies/schedules.  To that end, I would like a list of every policy that has a schedule where the start window opens at 1800 (or any specific time)

Am i missing something easy?

Running NetBackup 7.6.2 on a 5220 appliance (think linux)..  the normal gui has a "Summary of all Policies" which does have a pane that shows all schedules, but doesn't identify which policy they belong to, and I wasn't smart enough to pick unique names for schedules.

Opscenter, didn't see anything.

Is there some form of bplist of some other command?


  • Looks like you might be able to employ "bpdbjobs -most_columns" to narrow it down.  Column 9 in that output is the ctime of the backup job so you could gather jobs that start with whatever the appropriate ctime is (and end at whatever ctime you like), then pull out the policy information from that same output.

  • Hi Lynne,

    You can check with below commands and predict which policies according to schedule are going to run:-

    Command should run from :-

    On UNIX systems, the directory path to this command is

    On Windows systems, the directory path to this command is

    1) nbpemreq -predict -date mm/dd/yyyy HH:MM:SS [-unixtime] [-client_filter client...] [-policy_filter policy...]

    2) nbpemreq -predict -dateu unixtime [-unixtime] [-client_filter client...] [-policy_filter policy...]

    3) nbpemreq -predict_all -date mm/dd/yyyy HH:MM:SS [-client_filter client...] [-policy_filter policy...]

    4) nbpemreq -predict_all -dateu unixtime [-client_filter client...] [-policy_filter policy...]

    Let me know was this helpful.

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