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2 years ago

How to restore oracle on different client?

How to restore oracle backup on different client?

backup was created on tape on Netbackup server A, client B, media server B

When i want  restore from server A, to client C, media server C

1. not possible force media server C and media server B does not exists.

2. for client C not possible found any backups, bcs all backups are  under B (joined with B), nothing under C

How to solve?

Dont waste time with - it is not usable.

ORA_NB_SERVER=A, ORA_NB_CLIENT=C did not find any backup, bcs all backup are binded with B

After start, NB console is showing as media server  B - another problem. Whats happen if B does not exits.

/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/bplist -C C -l -b -t 4 -R / returns nothing (maybe export - import?, how? )

PS: and in some is No.Restrictinos and No.restrictions - which is right? On unix, they are really 2 files ;)




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