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11 years ago

How to speed up the restore when backup was multiplexed?

We have a very large backup environment so we enabled multiplex data stream to make the backup run faster. But when we do the restore, it hangs forever if we need to restore the top directory at one time. We have to drill down to the subdirectories to split them and restore one ot two subdirectories at  a time. That will work. I am just wondering is there any way to make the restore faster. I read some posts from this forum, it suggests to modify the value of MPX_RESTORE_DELAY. The default is 30. How do I know what's the proper value for my environment? Do you have any experience with this? Thanks in advance for your help!

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  • The multiplex restore delay is set on the Master Servers host properties - General Server tab

    The default is 30  - but that is seconds so shouldn't be your issue unless someone has changed it

    If you do multiple streams and you are selecting files that could be in different streams then instead select one backup at a time (green or blue orb), select the files from that backup and submit the request.

    In this case you need to increase the multiplex restore delay period to give you time to start all backup jobs before that time expires after which they will all run together

    My advice is to get some disk in and then duplicate to tape, that way the backups will not longer be multiplexed

    Hope this helps