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7 years ago

HOWTO: Issues with NetBackup Web Management Console service staying up and running

This is basically a HOWTO (possibly one of the TSE's can get a Technote credit)

I have recently been receiving issues with no new jobs starting.

The only service in my clustered Windows master server not started that should be was NBWMC.  When I attempted to start this service it would take an age and then fail (almost timeout).  So I checked the cluster logs (not very useful in Windows - USE VCS it is much better) and then the System Event logs.

Windows Logs: (7024, 1042, 1069, 1205, 1254 - the last three relate to cluster role and not relevant here)

EventID: 1042  -  Failover clustering

Generic service 'NetBackup Web Management Console' failed with error '6536'.

EventID: 7024  -  Service Control Manager

NetBackup Web Management Console

The service account used to start the NBWMC is your ./nbwebsvc account.  I identified that the service could not stay running due to a logon issue which was caused by the NBWMC account's password not being set to 'Password never expires' and also losing it's 'Log on As a Service' rights.


Reset password in either AD (if using AD account) or Computer Mgmt (Local Users & Groups).  If you can set the following attributes for the account: 'User cannot change password' and 'Password never expires'. 

Change the 'Log on As' password on the server(s); this will automatically provide 'Log on As a Service' rights, these should also be configured in Local Security Policy, under Local Policies; User Rights Assignment.

I restarted my servers for a clean start (and to get the latest modified GPO's) but the above changes should not require a reboot if this is not an option or you need to get your backups running immediately.