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3 years ago

HW refresh for master/media/storage server - all in one box


I am in the process of refreshing some NBU domains in regards of underlying HW. Currently in small sites we do use NBU installed on RedHat and on that box there is master/media and storage server configured. MSDP and Advanced disk is residing on internal disks of this box. Time came to refresh HW of the current server. Now I am having some doubts on how to do it.

So new server will be having RedHat installed, I am planning to recover NBU catalog from hot catalog backup taken on old HW, as we are willing to preserve the hostname and have all backup history available. The doubt I am having what to do with storage server portion? How to 'migrate' this data to new box? Which folders should be copied over etc.

I did not see a clear instruction for MSDP movement while its residing on master/media server itself!

We do duplicate the backup images to tapes for LTR, so some backups do exists on MSPD as well tape - 2nd copy....

Anyone has any idea how to address it?

I was thinking to just install NBU and then do rsync of all NBU related folders... but I am not 100% convinced that this will be enough. Not sure if there are not added some files to either /etc or other locations...

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  • hi,

    From my experience, you have 3 options.

    • engage veritas services το move the server to the new hardware. It is fast, clear but it will cost.
    • create a media server with MSDP storage and duplicate the backups to it. All new backups must go to the new media server. When the duplication of all backup images finish, delete the master's storage servers. From that point you will have a master server only to move.
    • install the OS and master server software to the new server and  shutdown netbackup. (this will create all the necessary startup files)

    Use an rsync software to copy old master /usr/openv, MSDP data, MSDP database and advdisk paths to the new server.

    Run the Rsync as many times until the rsync have to copy only small changes.

    stop netbackup on the old master server and run the rsync for the last time.

    when rsync finish shutdown the old master server, rename the new server with the netbackup hostname and change the IP to the old one.

    Restart the new server and test the installation.

    I hope it is clear Enough.
    You must run backup and restore tests before you start using the new server

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      Hello StefanosM 

      I am aware of Veritas Professional Services - but we are not going to use these, too many sites to do - read too expensive. So first option is no go. Same for 2nd as this is small site and having there dedicated media/storage server is no go - cost optimization - instead of two boxes we want only one - even though master can be virtual but then 2x OS license cost and maintaining it twice... too much effort...

      I was already considering 3rd one and will do it.. most likely... Its a pity that Veritas does not provide a comprehensive document on how to perform HW refresh in such configuration.

  • Hi,


    I am afraid that if you want to do something supported it will be better to deploy a temporary msdp and join it to the domain, duplicate all the backups from the master/msdp, then migrate the master, create a new msdp and copy back the images from the temporary msdp.


    Also, there is a procedure for recovering an msdp after a catalog recovery, so I am not sure if it will be supported to copy all the files from msdp stu to the same path in new server, export the sts configuration to a file, recover the catalog into the new server and the recover the storage server configuration: