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5 years ago

Hyper-V of restore to alternate locations failed

Hello all,

1)My NetBackup vesion: 8.2 Operating System : windows server 2019

2)client Operating System : windows server 2012 

I want to restore rename vm to hyper-v server,but I am facing an issue during the recovery of vm .

C:\Veritas\NetBackup\bin\admincmd>bpsetconfig -h win233
bpsetconfig> BPCD_WHITELIST_PATH=\C:\testt
bpsetconfig> ^Z

C:\Veritas\NetBackup\bin>nbrestorevm.exe -vmhvnew -C NBUtestVM01 -S win226 -vmserver win233 -vmid -R \C:\testt
Restore image time = 01/30/20 13:44:57
VM restore request returned with status = 6000

EXIT STATUS 6000: The provided path is not whitelisted.

How to solve this problem?





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  • Hello,

    review yout nbrestorevm syntax:

    - you have allowed whitelist path on win233, but -R path is related to the server from where you call nbrestorevm

    - is C:\testt rename file? Looks like restore destination.