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14 years ago

I also have error 84 on one stream of NDMP

Hello netbackers

I have lots of NDMP policies and lots of streams. They all work fine apart from one stream. It gives a misleading error 84.You could write to all the media in your library and it would give error 84 on them all.

The logs appear to suggest theres a mismatch in the actual and expected blocks:when its written all the data (~90Gb) it does this:

13:15:31.454 [5555] <2> io_terminate_tape: block position check: actual 737870, expected 737494
13:15:31.454 [5555] <2> set_job_details: Tfile (719572): LOG 1307362531 16 bptm 5555 FREEZING media id 004889, too many data blocks written, check tape/driver block size configuration

I've halved my NDMP BUF SIZE from 262144 and it gives same error.

And it errors regardless of if encrypted or not (via kms/T10 drive encryption).

I'm running 7.1 on Solaris master and ontap7.3.2 on my NAS , doing SSO to LTO4. LTO4 firmware ver A23D.

Going back in time this appears to be a regressive bug introduced in 7.1 since I have good backups of the stream from my 7.0.1 days and have no good FULL backup since upgrading.

Anyone else seen this and have a fix?


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