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15 years ago

Importing a backup from one NetBackup environment to another NetBackup environment.

Is it possible to take a backup made in one NetBackup environment and take the tape into another NetBackup environment and recover data from the backup?
  • Here are the steps for importing the tape:

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  • Yes, you will first have to import the tape in to the new enviornment.  As long as you don't write any data to the tape in the new environment you can still use it in the original environment.
  • Here are the steps for importing the tape:
  • My question is once it is in the new environment is any of the data written on it from the first environment recoverable by the new environment?
  • All of that tape's information from the previous NBU environment/catalog will be added to the new NBU environment/catalog.  If you search for your image in the catalog, it would be as if you took the backup within your new environment.