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11 years ago

information on the default settings for Debug level and Diagnostic level for nbemm

hello guys,

i have a situation here and require your input. recently i  noticed the C-drive on  my Master  Server was getting filled up, i tried reclaiming space on it and found out some days later that the reclaimed space had also been used up thus making nbemm database not to come up and thus backups were not running. so i had to make investigations into what was causing the space to be used up. at the end of the day, it was discovered that the nbemm logs was responsible. thus i opened up a case with symantec who suggested i change my debug and diagnostic level from 6 to 0. the sore point about reducing the debug and diagnostic level to 0 is that logs won't be coming in and in event of an mishap, how do i get the logs to monitor events?? my question is this, 1. what is the default settings for both debug and diagnostic levels as per best practice?

2. if i increase the settings to either 2 or 3, what kind of effect will it have in the long run?

3. is there anything else causing this logs to grow at such alarming rate apart from what i know cos i believe those settings put at  6 for both had been existing for a while, now how come they are causing the C-drive on the server to clogg up?


any response on this will be most appreciated.




  • There is no external guide for this. Logs are only increased at the request of Symantec support.

    Keep the logs at the lowest level unless instructed to increase them by support.


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