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17 years ago

Information Store backup - Partially successful

Hi Everyone,
For a while now it seems that on the same 2 days each week I get a partially successful Information Store back up.
The problem is that when it says partially successful it means "I backed up for 20 seconds and got 1 tiny file and missed everything else".
So all in all it's a failure.
Now at times I've come in I've tried to re-run the IS backup and it's done the same thing. I've waited and waited then without touching anything at the Exchange Level or Netbackup level it will go ahead and start working all on its own (once initiated).
After doing some research on the subject I found that VSSVC.exe (Volume Shadow Copy) was running during the times that I couldn't actually run this backup job.
Once it had stopped I would re-run the job and it would go fine.
We currently have RMSE that is using VSS to move its files during this time.
All I need to know is if Volume Shadow Copy should not be running when I'm trying to do a backup of the IS on our exchange boxes and if there's a document to support it. I thought that Netbackup and other programs could all use VSS at the same time without issue but it appears in this case that it won't occur and all I need is some proof to back my statements, etc.
Any help would be greatly appreciated guys, thanks for your time.
- Adam

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  • Hi Adam,
              What netbackup version are u using? have you try reading the Netbackup Admin Guide for Exchange? I think that can be a good start, check this on version 5.1

    Backup Limitations

    The following limitations exist when using NetBackup Advanced Client with NetBackup

    for Exchange Server.

    Snapshot backups are supported only for the full Information Store or storage groups.

    Snapshot backups are not supported for Exchange mailboxes, the Site Replication

    Service (SRS), the Key Management Service (KMS), or public folders.

    Differential and cumulative backups are not supported.

    Individual databases cannot be selected for backup or restore. The entire Information

    store or a storage group must be selected for backup or the backup job will fail.


    Only Exchange objects will be included in a snapshot backup.

    Databases need to be mounted for backup.

    Advanced Client uses the Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS).

    Only Exchange 2003 on Windows 2003 is supported.

    Backups cannot be restored to an alternate location.

    A restore to an Exchange Recovery storage group is not supported.


    Apperently you can only use the VSS when you have the Advance Client installed, probably that can fix your issue.

  • Yes, please provide the NBU version on your master server and on the client as well.
    If the client isn't fully patched to the latest level, I would suggest looking at that.

    Here are links to the Exchange Admin Guides for Veritas:
    VERITAS NetBackup (tm) 5.1 for Microsoft Exchange Server System Administrator's Guide for Windows

    VERITAS NetBackup (tm) 6.0 for Microsoft Exchange Server System Administrator's Guide

  • Thanks for the response guys.
    We're currently using Netbackup version 6.0 MP4 and the client is running 6.0 MP2.
    Are you suggesting that this is an incompatibility with the versions that are currently installed? And thus why this exchange box will not let me backup its Information Store whilst RMSE is replicating on the box?